Order and delivery terms

During sign up for a photo session (hereafter referred to as Photo session), the person to be photographed, if they are of age, or their guardian (hereafter referred to as Customer) will be asked to agree with these order and delivery terms, as well as the following:

  • the person to be photographed may take part in the Photo session,
  • the Customer agrees to receive the photos for a review without placing a separate order,
  • a person’s photographs may be delivered to the school/daycare centre/sports club/company/community (hereafter referred to as the Purchaser) that purchased the Photo session,
  • a person’s group and friend photos may be published and delivered to all of the people in the photos and/or to their guardians, and
  • Kuvaverkko may handle the personal data of the Customer or the person in the photo in connection to the Photo session and in accordance with the company’s privacy policy.

After the Photo session, we will send the Customer an invitation to the email address provided by the Customer to visit our online shop, where the Customer may edit and order photographs. The Customer must check their customer information and delivery address when placing an order at the online shop. Confirmed orders cannot be further edited, as they are automatically forwarded to production and an order confirmation is sent to the Customer’s email address.

If the Customer has not placed an order in the online shop within two weeks of receiving the invitation to do so, introductory photographs along with a price list will be sent to the address provided by the Customer.* The Customer may purchase all or some of the photographs by using the accompanying invoice within a 14-day period, during which returns will be free of charge. The invoice includes an invoicing fee of €3.95 and a delivery fee of €5.90 for letters.

Prior to the session, the Purchaser has agreed that their first batch of photos are delivered directly to the address provided by the Customer or the Purchaser. We deliver the photo products in A4 sheets, in A4 envelope. Products that cannot be delivered as letters will be delivered as parcels.

We only deliver to Finland.

The person placing the order must be 18 years or older.

Kuvaverkko reserves the right to changes.

*The Consumer Ombudsman’s Guidelines regarding photography at schools and kindergartenshttps://www.kkv.fi/en/decisions-and-publications/publications/consumer-ombudsmans-guidelines/by-trade/photography-at-schools-and-kindergartens/


Should it happen that despite all our care and effort you should find manufacturing errors in your photo order, our products have a standard 14 day product exchange policy within which you can return the product and we'll replace it with an identical or equivalent product. Since your photos are personal to you and we obviously cannot sell them to anyone else, the orders made from this service do not have a money back guarantee, excluding automatically sent preview photo package. Digital products are not eligible for return or exchange.

The cropping tolerance between the image appering on the final print product and the image displayed in the online store is one millimeter.

Returns must be mailed by using their original envelope or package, if it is still available and intact. If you cannot use the original envelope or package, write the following address on the new package:

Kuvaverkko Oy
Tunnus 5012495
00003 Vastauslähetys

Kuvaverkko will cover the postage on your behalf.

If you are using Matkahuolto to return a product, use the following address: Asiakaspalautus, sopimusnumero 9524030.